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Our 50 druggiest albums ever as a Spotify playlist 50 The Libertines. How much acid were MGMT taking around their debut album? Naked gig amounts of acid?.My daughter loved this movie a lot more than other DreamWorks movies like How to Train your Dragon, Home and the Shrek movies. Kids love songs, glitter and psychedelic colors. Whoever wrote this review; you should never write reviews for kids movies and incase you’ve never taken psychedelics, they open your mind, reduce grey matter, and help you see the world in a broader prospective.Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas + LSD. Has anyone else seen this movie on acid and felt the same?. but THAT is some of the trippiest ahit I have ever seen on acid.

The 100 best animated movies: the best psychedelic movies. a nonsensical tale steeped in late-’60s acid-fried. psychedelic movie you will ever watch.A 'Star Wars' Animator Admits He Took LSD While Working on 'Return. Return of the Jedi is arguably the trippiest of all the Star Wars movies,. Watch the entire.

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Just saw the trippiest Spongebob Episode ever #1 Oct 27, 2010. Avus. Squidward has a huge acid trip,. The movie and everything before it was great.

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LSD, or acid, is a synthetic. List Rules Vote up the coolest, trippiest, most awesome things to look at while on LSD. The Best Things to Look at on LSD.

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Movie Fights! Our Movie. Adventure Time Episodes That Seem Like Drug. the show will make any other the “Adventure Time” episodes that you watch a good pick.Even The Simpson's Movie included at least one instance of Homer. 67 thoughts to “‘The Simpsons’ On Drugs: 6 Trippiest Scenes.

Extremely worth a watch while tripping. 3.) Memento. Overall very trippy movie; for starters, the movie progresses backwards, and you have to piece events together just as much as the protagonist does. Is he a noble vigilante, or a psychotic maniac? 4.) Enter the Void. Watching this on acid was like being romantically, seductively skullfucked.They can also make you feel like you're on drugs. #34 on The Best Movies to Watch on Mushrooms. One of the trippiest sequences in the sci-fi classic is the.What is the best movies to watch while. is super intense too. great atmosphere. trippiest horror movie i can. on acid the storyline blew my mind right out.

Strange, weird, mysterious, visually stunning and fun - those are all important attributes of the best trippy movies you can watch on Netflix.

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I'm trying to find 1 good movie to watch that will be a visual mindfuck. Superjail-trippiest cartoon ever. Movie suggestions to watch on mushrooms.

Now I'm not advocating drug use here, but some movies have a much more different "charm" when you a little out of your gourd. Here's. Trippiest Films.

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Don’t Take Acid, Watch These GIFs Instead!. Makes me think of the second Harry Potter movie when Ron and Harry,. The trippiest of all videos,.Movies & TV; 7 Classic Kid's TV. Most children's TV producers know that to get kids to watch,. For shows that don't even have acid as an excuse,.

Thirteen Trippy Rock'n'Roll Cartoons You Should Almost. now functioned as a midnight movie and home video rite-of. of a mind-blowing acid trip has ever.

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